Astro static site generation
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🗓️ Mar 27th, 2024

So I migrated my blog from Next to Astro

Last week I decided to migrate my astounding Next.js blog to Astro. This blog was never a serious project I dedicated a lot of time to.

But somehow it became a little bit complicated. The MDX parsing was made using a combination of esbuild, gray-matter and mdx-bundler. The syntax highlighting was made with the prism-react-renderer package.

The issue came when I tried to update esbuild. All of a sudden, everything broke. So I never tried to update my packages again since that.

So I decided to try Astro. It took me only 1 day to migrate my site. On top of that, I only needed to follow the official astro blog tutorial. That covered all my need.

With Astro, I was able to parse markdown, get code blocks with syntax highlighting and add a RSS feed easily.

All of that with just the official tutorial. That is insane 🤯

The only optional package I installed is astro-expressive-code. This allows me to add some really nice features around code blocks (frames, copy to clipboard button, additional themes, etc..)

I am really surprised how easy it is to build a static site with Astro. But it’s not just limited to SSG. All the island architecture thing is really awesome.

For sure, I will continue to experiment with Astro from now on.